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Nailing it...The Non-Toxic Way!



The Lollipop Way...

Lollipop uses only the finest-quality natural and organic ingredients in our signature handmade scrubs, soaks and oils, including: almond oil, almond meal, rose petals, Himalayan pink salt, olive oil soap and organic sugar, powdered goat's milk, powdered milk, non-gmo soy milk powder, coconut powder and organic essential oils. Please let us know if you have any allergies, as we are happy to provide alternative ingredients for your treatment.

We medically sterilize all of our stainless steel tools, and use brand-new files, buffers and disposable liners for every pedicure. No exceptions!

The Lollipop promise: We guarantee our gel manicures for seven days. If, during this time, your polish chips or lifts, come back in and we’ll be happy to touch it up for you. Just remember to call ahead!

PLEASE NOTE: There may be an additional charge to remove gel polish that was not applied at Lollipop, based upon difficulty of removal. We are not able to remove acrylics, gel dip powder or extensions.

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